Sunday, 15 November 2009

Update on larvae

These buff tips are having me tear my hair out. A few of them are definitely about to pupate, but are making no effort to make a cocoon. The others are still feeding, but what will they do when the leaves have all gone yellow?

A lappet has disappeared. He could have shifted to another part of the bush, but he also could have fallen off or become prey to a bird. I hope it is okay.

The Jersey tigers have been relocated to new living quarters - live nettles in a plant pot with mesh covering it, to prevent the larvae from escaping. They seem happy enough. They will spend the winter among the nettles outside, so they can hibernate naturally. The biggest ones are about 2cm now, but they will really start to grow after the winter. 23 of them, one got diarrhoea about a week ago and died.

Am about to order 15 oleander hawkmoth (Daphnis nerii) eggs, which will come in December, and 15 Puss moth (Cerura vinula) eggs, which will come in May. These will be ordered from Worldwide butterflies of course.

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