Sunday, 1 November 2009

1st November 2009

A few caterpillars still around, mostly those that will hibernate as larvae, inc. a couple of dark tussock (Dicallomera fascelina), yellow tail (Euprocitis similis), foxmoths (Macrothylacia rubi) several ruby tigers (Phragmatobia fuliginosia), 25 Jersey tigers (Euplagia quadripunctata) and a couple of Great Lappets (Gastropacha quercifolia). The last two species I got in France, as they are not resident in Ireland. The lappets have not done terribly well, because I originally had about 30 and now I have 2 - perhaps the problem was overcrowding. The last 2 are now on the hawthorn bush in the garden, where they seem to be doing well.
I still have 22 buff tips (Phalera bucephala) which are due to pupate soon (and they had better, the leaves on the birch tree are going yellow) and they are about 2 inches long now, perhaps 1 more moult before final instar, but not sure.
Plenty of pupae in the pupa box in the garage - eyed hawk, poplar hawk, small chocolate tip, early thorn, pebble prominent, pale prominent, buff tip, narrow bordered bee hawk, emperor moth, knotgrass, broom moth, sallow kitten, pale tussock, miller, grey dagger, birch mocha and a few others. Hopefully they will hatch next year.

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